Most delicious macaron fillings and how to make them

macarons with fruit macaron fillings

Macarons is a French dessert, which has gained especially high popularity in recent years. It is hard to find anyone who has no interest in macarons. These are airy cookies made of two layers of almond meringue with a mild filling in between. The filling of the cookies may greatly differ – from neutral vanilla or chocolate flavour to exotic fruit and berries. Which fillings are more popular and what tips should be taken into account when making macarons at home?

If, while making macarons, you want the taste to be sweeter and more neutral, a classic filling, for example, vanilla, chocolate, caramel or coffee may be used.

White chocolate macaron filling

Macarons with white chocolate filling are most easy to make at home.

To make these macarons, you will need 200 g of white chocolate and 180 g of cream cheese.

Chocolate must be melted in a hot waterbath, at the same time whipping cream cheese. Melted chocolate must be cooled down and added to the whipped cheese. Both ingredients must be carefully whisked up and spread between the ready ‘kisses’. It is important to use the ready cream right away, because it will get hard and be difficult to use over time.

Fruit macaron filling

Making fruit filling will be a little more advanced and more difficult, as well as it will require more ingredients.

In order to make a fruit or berry macaron filling, you will need 300 g of the chosen fruit/berry puree (which may be raspberries, strawberries, maracuja or any other fruit), 40–80 g of sugar, 8–10 g of pectin (pectin is a natural thickener, which helps the mixture obtain the required structure) and citric acid. Precise proportions depend on the consistency and sweetness of the puree.

An important step is mixing pectin with sugar before the preparation process. Warm up the puree in a pot to ~30 degrees, gradually adding the pectin-sugar mixture. Keep heating up the mass until boiling point, and then add citric acid. When the filling cools down, it is ready to use.

Final thoughts

Macarons are cookies, the diversity of taste of which will not leave anybody indifferent. Making macarons is a complicated, yet very interesting process. In order to make your macarons taste great, all the preparation instructions must be strictly observed. If you still have any questions about how to make macarons and fillings at home, we have an online macaron making class. During our online class you will learn how to make amazing macaron cookies!


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