How do you choose a cake for a child’s birthday party?

awesome childs birthday cake

Birthday is the celebration most awaited by nearly every child. More awaited than the birthday itself can only be the cake dedicated to this special day – no child will decline a delicious piece of cake. This is exactly why the choice of a children’s birthday cake is an important decision. How do you choose a cake that the child will like and how to decorate it best?

In order to choose a perfect cake for a child’s birthday party, various factors must be taken into account.

Size of cake

When ordering a cake of any kind, you must be aware of the number of guests attending the party. If the birthday will be celebrated in a family circle, the cake may be smaller. Whereas, if you plan a broader event, larger-size or even multi-level cakes may be ordered. Cake portion is assumed to be 160–180 g per person. However, you must always keep in mind that cakes are so delicious that somebody may want an additional piece.

Type and taste of cake

In order to choose the type of cake, the child’s “taste preferences” must be taken into account. For example, if you know that a child likes chocolate, ordering a chocolate cake may be an option. If a child likes fruit, your choice may be a mousse cake. However, if you are planning a large party, you may want to choose a cake with the most neutral taste, for example, cheesecake. Nearly everybody will like it.

Food allergies are another factor to definitely consider. Frequently children may have special diets, therefore it is recommended to find out in timely manner, if there are any products, the consumption of which is not recommended for your guests.

The most common allergens are to nuts or dairy products, therefore our studio offers to order raw-food and vegan cakes.

Cake decoration

The choice of cake decorations is the most fun part of ordering a cake, where you can fully unleash your imagination. Our celebration cakes can be decorated using decorations of nearly any kind. The most popular children’s cake decorations are mastic figures with animals or popular cartoon characters, eatable pictures and inscriptions, paper or real flowers, fruit, berries, macarons, ‘kisses’, chocolate or other sweets. A birthday cake may be decorated in many different ways; therefore, the child’s hobby of that time may be taken into account. These may be characters of books, computer games or cartoons, favourite animals, hobby, an interesting sport or a specific topic.

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