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Have you ever attempted to make French macarons? Then you know it’s not so easy to get them right! This course will help you solve every problem you might encounter so you can confidently strive for and ultimately achieve perfection in your own kitchen.

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Follow our guide developed by a professional pastry chef to become an expert yourself. Take advantage of the time invested by master chefs in experimentation, adjustments, and tweaks of macaron recipes. Use the techniques they have perfected and learn the secrets behind the flawless cookie.

Once the course is over, you will have taken a leap toward perfecting your skill on a master chef level. The world of recipes and techniques will be your playground. You’ll know how to make, bake and assemble everything macaron-related, from a single cookie to an elaborate dessert to a stunning centerpiece display.

  • Learn the secret of making a batter that doesn’t disappoint.
  • Perfect your piping, baking, and assembling skills.
  • Know all sizes, shapes, flavors, and colors of macarons.
  • Experiment with several macaron desserts.
  • Create arrangement showstoppers: towers and gift boxes.
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Master the art of baking amazing macaron cookies for $54,69.


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